Looking for a self service laundromat in Turin?

Lav@sciuga is open all days from 8 am to 10 pm no stop, weekend included. You can wash from 7 to 16 kg of laundry, duvets, blouses or workwear, just in 30 minuts and dry in just 25 minuts everything you want, even if washed at home.

Lav@sciuga... All in just a hour!


Near you, 7 days on 7,
from 8 am to 10 pm, weeknd included


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Supply and installation of a Laundromat on free loan


The benefits of who want to open a laundry through the Network Lav@sciuga

Near you since more
than 20 years

In 1990 the first laundomats arrives in Italy.
Our story begins a few years later, in 1994 when it arrives in Turin Lav@sciuga to meet the new demands of a society in constantly changing. In Turin the Lav@sciuga stores are open no stop from 8 am to 10 pm weekend included, where you can wash and dry all in just a hour.

The Laundromats

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Corso Palermo, 114

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Corso Peschiera, 156

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Corso Regina Margherita, 232

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Piazza della Repubblica, 5

Foto, Virtual Tour

Via Madama Cristina, 85

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Via San Marino, 77

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Via San Massimo, 4

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Via Sant'Anselmo, 9


Via Vanchiglia, 10

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Our Numbers


Days per year

8 - 22

Opening hours


Professionality e Quality

335 750 7813


Our Prices

Washing KG 8

4 Coins*

  • Hygienizing Washes
  • 30 Minuts

Animal's Clothing Kg 8

4 Coins*

  • Hygienizing Washes
  • 30 Minuts
* the cost of 1 coin is 1 euro

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